The Bicycle Snake

Copenhagen, Denmark


The Bicycle Snake (or Cykelslangen) is a 200-meter long ramp in Copenhagen, Denmark. The structure was created because 12,500 cyclists needed to bring their bikes up and down a large staircase each day. Instead of just replacing the staircase with a ramp, the architects proposed a plan with a new and beautiful approach to navigating the area. The Bicycle Snake now meanders 6-7 meters above the sea's surface and is painted in a bright orange color to increase visibility for cyclists. Drone photo sent to us by @visitcopenhagen




El Hur, Somalia

5°00′N 48°16′E


Waves roll into the shores of Somalia, by the village of El Hur. Located on the Horn of Africa, Somalia has the longest coastline on the mainland continent, stretching for more than 3,000 kilometers (1880 miles).



Central de Abasto

Mexico City, Mexico

19°22′26.07″N 99°5′18.38″W


Thousands of trucks and cars surround the Central de Abasto - Mexico City’s largest wholesale market for produce and other foodstuffs. The market serves more than 300,000 people and handles over 30,000 tons of merchandise each day —representing 80% of the consumption of the Mexico City metropolitan area.



Moscow Rings

Moscow, Russia

55°45′N 37°37′E


Moscow is the capital and largest city in Russia with 12.2 million residents. The city is organized into five concentric transportation rings that surround the Kremlin. The two innermost rings are seen here.




Fruit orchards

Huelva, Spain

37.714546°, -6.532834°


Fruit trees swirl on the hills of Huelva, Spain. The climate here is ideal for this growth with an average temperature of 17.8° C (64° F) and a relative humidity between 60% and 80%.



Neves-Corvo Mine

Castro Verde Municipality, Portugal

37°34′23″N 7°58′15″W


Waste ponds are seen at the Neves-Corvo Mine in the Castro Verde Municipality in Portugal. Zinc and copper and the primary resources extracted from the mine and the byproducts of that extraction is sent to these basins three kilometers away. Typically, once waste materials are pumped into a tailings pond, they are mixed with water to create a sloppy form of mud known as slurry. The slurry is then pumped through magnetic separation chambers to extract usable ore and increase the mine’s total output.



Davis-Monthan Air Force Base Aircraft Boneyard

Tucson, Arizona, USA

32.151087°, –110.826079°


The largest aircraft storage and preservation facility in the world is located at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona, USA. The boneyard—run by the 309th Airspace Maintenance and Regeneration Group—contains more than 4,400 retired American military and government aircraft.



Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington County, Virginia

38°52′48″N 77°04′12″W


In honor of Memorial Day in the United States, we’ve selected an Overview of Arlington National Cemetery outside of Washington, D.C. Since the American Civil War, the 624-acre cemetery has become the final resting place for veterans of the nation’s conflicts. The structure seen here is the Arlington Memorial Amphitheater that also contains the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.



Spaghetti Junction

Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

35.9663844, -83.929399


A highway interchange connect Interstates 40 and 275 outside of Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. Because of its intertwined construction, a structure like this is commonly called a “spaghetti junction.”





Rodewald, Germany

52°39′57″N 09°28′56″E


Fields surround the residential area of Rodewald, Germany. The agricultural village was first mentioned in historical records from the early 13th Century and is now home to 2,549 people.



Miami Beach

Miami Beach, Florida, USA

25.783742, -80.128644


Umbrellas and beachgoers dot the sands of Miami Beach, Florida, USA. This area is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, attracting nearly 15 million visitors each year. The #summer season officially starts this weekend with Memorial Day here in the United States, but I wish everyone a few days of rest and adventure wherever you are around the world!



Discovery Bay

Discovery Bay, California, USA

37°54′31″N 121°36′01″W


Discovery Bay is a waterfront community built on a network of man-made dikes in Contra Costa County, California, USA. Development of the area began in 1964 is now home to roughly 13,352 residents. As seen in this Overview, many residents have private docks with boat access to the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta.