Mount Taranaki

North Island, New Zealand

39°17′47″S 174°03′53″E


Mount Taranaki, also known as Mount Egmont, is an active stratovolcano on the west coast of New Zealand’s North Island. A change in vegetation is sharply delineated between the national forest that encircles the volcano and the surrounding land comprised of intensively-farmed dairy pastures.



E & J Gallo Winery

Modesto, California, United States

37.634966515° -120.982344659°


The E & J Gallo Winery is the largest family-owned winery in the United States, headquartered in Modesto, California. During the fermentation process, wine is kept under an airlock in massive stainless steel vessels to prevent oxidation from occurring.



Port of Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina, USA

32.7846°N 79.924°W


The Port of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina is the 8th busiest port in the United States with $63 billion in imports and exports traded across its docks. To accommodate larger ships, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is planning to deepen Charleston Harbor from 45 feet (14 m) to 50 feet (15 m) by 2024.



Leisure World Seal Beach

Seal Beach, California, USA

33.764140842°, -118.081454491°


Leisure World Seal Beach offers co-ops and condominiums for residents 55 years and older in Seal Beach, California, USA. With the first residents moving in on June 6, 1962, Seal Beach was the first major planned retirement community of its type in the United States.



Kobe Airport

Kobe, Japan

34°37′58″N 135°13′26″E


Kobe Airport is constructed on an artificial island of the coast of Kobe, Japan. As seen in this time-lapse, the island and airport were built upon silt deposits over seven years at a cost of approximately 9 billion dollars.



Brighton Pier

Brighton, England, UK

50°48′59″N 0°08′14″W


Brighton Pier, also known as Palace Pier, is constructed off the coast of the English city of Brighton. Extending 1,719 feet (524 meters) into the English Channel, the structure contains numerous restaurants, rides, and roller coasters.



Santa Monica State Beach

Santa Monica, California, USA 

34°0′54″N 118°30′6″W


Waves gently roll into the freshly combed sand of Santa Monica State Beach. Hope you all have an amazing and relaxing weekend!




Valencia, Spain

39°27′53″N 0°22′12″W


The urban plan of the L’Eixample district in Valencia, Spain is characterized by long straight streets, a strict grid pattern crossed by wide avenues, and square blocks with chamfered corners.




Tokyo, Japan

35°41′22.22″N 139°41′30.12″E


Tokyo, seen here at night from the International Space Station, is the most populous metropolitan area in the world with upwards of 37.8 million people.


This photograph is courtesy of NASA's “Cities at Night” project. Through this effort, NASA has invited the public to sift through its collection of more than 1.8 million photographs captured from the ISS since 2003. With crowdsourcing, we will be able to identify and catalogue the cities on Earth that have been captured so far!


Source: Alejandro Sánchez de Miguel, José Gómez Castaño, Jaime Zamorano, Christopher CM Kyba, Sergio Pascual,M Ángeles, L Cayuela, Guillermo Martín Martinez and Peter Challupner, Atlas of astronaut photos, of Earth at night, News and Reviews in Astronomy & Geophysics, Vol. 55 no4. August 2014 (in press).




Betsiboka River, Madagascar

15°48′55″S 46°16′13″E


Dramatic evidence of the catastrophic erosion in northwestern Madagascar is seen at the rapidly expanding Betsiboka River Delta. Deforestation of the country’s central highlands for cultivation and pastureland has resulted in the most significant erosion recorded anywhere in the world (approximately 112 tons/acre), which transforms the river to this vivid orange color.