Versailles Orangerie

Versailles, France

48°48′8″N 2°7′6″E


The Orangerie in the Garden of Versailles contains more than a thousand (primarily orange) trees.



National Tennis Centre at Melbourne Park

Melbourne, Australia

37°49′18″S 144°58′42″E


The National Tennis Centre at Melbourne Park is home to Rod Laver Arena and the Australian Open. Today, in the women’s singles final Serena Williams defeated Maria Sharapova. Tomorrow, Novak Djokovic will square off against Andy Murray for the men’s championship.



Olive Tree Plantation

Córdoba , Spain

37.263212022°, -4.552271206°


An olive tree plantation covers the hills of Córdoba, Spain. Approximately 90% of all harvested olives are turned in to oil, while the 10% are eaten as table olives.



Construction of Terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport

London, England,  UK

51.47029°N 0.45205°W


Hello from London! The construction of Terminal 2 - The Queen's Terminal at Heathrow Airport is currently underway and in expected to be completed sometime in the 2020's. Once it is finished, the new terminal will have capacity for 30 million passengers each year.



Residential Development

Hitchcock, Texas, USA

29.288721940°, -94.966697010°


Massive, residential houses are constructed on circular canals near the Gulf of Mexico in Hitchcock, Texas



West Side Yard

New York City, New York, USA

40°45′16″N 74°00′11″W


The West Side Yard in New York City is used to store commuter rail trains for the Long Island Rail Road. Located between 30th Street, 33rd Street, 10th Avenue and 12th Avenue, it is the only active railroad yard in Manhattan, excluding the subway system.


Australia Day

Bondi Beach

Sydney, New South Wales

33°53′28″S 151°16′40″E


In honor of Australia Day - the country’s national holiday celebrated annually on January 26th - we wanted to share this breathtaking Overview of Bondi Beach in Sydney. One of the city’s most popular destinations, the beach gets its name from the Aboriginal word “Bondi” that means waves breaking over rocks.



Bucket-wheel excavators at Tagebau Hambach

Elsdorf / Niederzier, Germany

50°54′39″N 6°30′10″E


Bucket-wheel excavators run on tracks at the Tagebau Hambach open-pit mine in Niederzier and Elsdorf, Germany. These massive machines (up to 315 feet tall and 730 feet long) continuously scoop materials from the surface in order to extract lignite. Lignite, often referred to as "brown coal", is a soft combustible sedimentary rock that is formed from naturally compressed peat and is used as a fuel for steam-electric power generation.



Punta della Dogana

Venice, Italy

45.431°N 12.336°E


Boats are docked by the Punta della Dogana - an art museum - in Venice, Italy. The building is situated in the triangular area of Venice where the Grand Canal meets the Giudecca Canal. These canals serve as the major public transit corridors throughout the city with water buses (known as “vaporetti”), water taxis, and the tourist favorite, gondolas.




Douro Valley, Portugal

41°18′N 7°45′W


The Douro Valley in northern Portugal is recognized as the home of port wine. The hills of the region are covered with terraced fields of grape vines that steeply rise from the Douro River (the namesake of the valley). Port wine, grown exclusively in this region, is a sweet, red wine that is often served with dessert.