Free Social Icons – Muffy

We’ve created a special set of Social Icons using our very own Muffy comic character. Feel free to download and use these icons for free. Available in 256 x 256 pixels.

Download here

May 2011 Desktop Wallpaper Calendar on Smashing Magazine

Again, we’re featured on

This month, our very own Muffy the alien is featured on Smashing Magazine’s Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: May 2011

Again, we thank Smashing Magazine for the support ;)

Please download the wallpapers from Smashing Magazine’s website, since we’ve designed this exclusively for Smashing’s May 2011 Wallpaper feature.

Vector Glossy Buttons

Came up with some super glossy buttons, and am giving them out in vector format. Enjoy!


Print Collaterals: Differentiating the various fold types

I’ve come across numerous clients who’ve specifically asked for a double-fold leaflet, only to discover later that what they actually meant was 2-panel leaflet, which would in correct terms, refer to the ‘simple fold’. In this article, let’s solve the confusion once and for all.

In brief:

Simple fold: One fold made on the long or short side

Gatefold: Two folds, one to the left, and another to the right

Parallel fold: Folds in half and in half again

Tri-fold: One fold folds in another

Barrel or roll fold: All folds follow the same direction

French fold: Folded in one direction then folded perpendicular to the first fold

An illustrated guide

Wallpaper Calendar ~ May 2011

Celebrate the joy of freedom this May with this refreshing wallpaper calendar ;)

Available in 7 different screen resolutions

Available in the following resolutions.

800 x 480       1024 x 768       1280 x 720       1280 x 960       1440 x 900       1650 x 1080       2560 x 1440

Image from Shutterstock

Cute Twitter Icons ~ Chrome

A new range of twitter icons in 256 x 256 pixels. Liven up your website with one of these cute icons ;)

Download here

RSS Icons

A choice of 16 chic RSS icons to liven up any site.

Download here

Comic Wallpaper Calendar ~ April / May 2011

Inspired by our crazy comic, All The World’s A Stage, featuring big bad wolf.

Available in the following resolutions. Click to download.

800 x 480
1280 x 720
1440 x 900
1680 x 1050
2560 x 1440

Comics: Big Bad Wolf In ‘All the world’s a stage’

Nothing is always what it seems, as Big Bad Wolf discovers in this bone-tickling comic strip.

Vector Sale / Promo Banners

I’ve come up with a set of 3 colors for these vector sale / promo banners. Feel free to download them for use in your projects. I’ve provided the file in .eps. Should you require the file in a different format, do email me.

Download here

Button-style Social Icons

A simple and clean set of social icons in 256 x 256 pixels.

Download here

A Set of 15 TV Icons

Fresh off my desk is a set of 15 TV icons, which I’ve made available in 256 x 256 pixels. Hope you like them, and if you’d like any particular icon in a different color, feel free to email me your request.

Download TV Icons here

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