The Norwegian Breakaway cruises through the Atlantic Ocean, en route to Bermuda from New York City. This massive ship is 1,068 feet long (325 m) and has capacity for 3,963 passengers. It has 1,024 cabins, 238 suites, several bars and restaurants, a waterpark, casino, spa, and other attractions for travelers.

36°39'15.8"N, 69°29'53.9"W

Source imagery: Martin Sanchez (@zekedrone)

Happy Fourth of July! The incredible shot shows the Statue of Liberty in New York City. The colossal copper structure depicts a robed female figure — Libertas, the Roman goddess of liberty — who bears a torch and a tablet upon which is inscribed the date of the American Declaration of Independence — July 4, 1776. The statue is an American icon of freedom and a welcoming sight to immigrants arriving from abroad.

40°41′21″N, 74°2′40″W

Source imagery: Nearmap

Wispy clouds follow the route of the King River through southwestern Tasmania, Australia. Tasmania is an island state of Australia located 150 miles (240km) off the mainland, and much of its 26,410-square-mile (68,401 sq. km) landmass is still densely forested. In this Overview, the King River flows through the Teepookana Forest Reserve, a protected area that spans more than 1.2 million acres (500,000 hectares).

42°11'24.5"S 145°25'47.3"E

Source imagery: DigitalGlobe

Kvíslavatn is a lake in the Highlands of Iceland, just southeast of the Hofsjökull glacier. It covers an area of roughly 7.75 square miles (20 sq. km) and reaches a depth of 36 feet (11 m). The Icelandic Highlands cover nearly all of the country’s interior and are mostly an uninhabitable volcanic desert.

64°33'30.0"N, 18°34'43.5"W

Source imagery: DigitalGlobe

Thousands of logs are stacked into rows at a lumber yard outside Nelson, a city on New Zealand’s South Island. The Nelson-Marlborough region is one of the country’s major forestry areas, and this particular logging company has the capacity to process more than 35 million cubic feet (1 million cubic meters) of lumber per year.

41°19'24.8"S, 173°10'08.1"E

Source imagery: Petra Leary (@petraleary)

The Museum of Pop Culture (also known as MoPOP) is a nonprofit museum in Seattle, Washington, dedicated to contemporary popular culture. Founded in 2000, it contains exhibits on fantasy, horror cinema, video games, science fiction, music and more. The museum’s unique, 140,000-square-foot (13,000 sq. meter) structure was designed by architect Frank Gehry.

47°37'17.4"N, 122°20'55.0"W

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The medina quarter in Marrakesh, Morocco, is characterized by its winding, maze-like streets. Since the intricately connected honeycomb of alleyways narrows to less than a meter (~ 3 ft) wide in certain spots, the area is generally free from car traffic.

31°37'59.1"N, 7°59'10.2"W

Source imagery: DigitalGlobe

A large boat lies overturned in the Khawr Abd Allah estuary, near the city of Umm Qasr in southern Iraq. Since this waterway is close to Iraq’s borders with Kuwait and Iran, it has played an important role in regional conflicts, such as the Iran-Iraq War and the First Gulf War.

30°00'05.5"N, 47°59'42.3"E

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O'Hare International Airport — located in the far northwest corner of Chicago, Illinois — is the sixth-busiest passenger airport in the world. It provides direct flights to 217 destinations in North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Europe. In 2017, O'Hare served more than 79.8 million passengers.

41°58'43.7"N, 87°54'10.2"W

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The ultramarine waters of Lake Cuowomo add color to the landscape in Ngamring County, a remote section of the Tibet Autonomous Region in China. This lake, among others in Tibet, were favorite sites of NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly during his "Year in Space" mission in 2015-16.

29°47'39.2"N, 86°56'27.0"E

Source imagery: DigitalGlobe

Check out this unique soccer pitch in Henningsvær, a fishing village located on several small islands in Norway’s Lofoten archipelago. Situated inside the Arctic Circle, this 74-acre (0.3 sq. km) village has a population of less than 500 people. Henningsvær is a popular tourist destination, attracting hikers, climbers, divers and snorkelers.

68°08'57.1"N, 14°12'07.7"E

Source imagery: DigitalGlobe

Check out this drone photo captured by our founder Benjamin Grant above Nusa Lembongan, an island located southeast of Bali, Indonesia. The island is approximately 3 square miles (8 sq. km) in size and has a permanent population of around 5,000 people. It is surrounded by coral reefs, white sand beaches and low limestone cliffs.

8°40'58.8"S, 115°26'45.7"E

A moldboard plow tills a paddock on a farm near Arrino, Western Australia. This type of plow turns the soil upside down, bringing the red-yellow subsoil to the surface while burying the grey topsoil below. This process helps to bury resilient weeds and expose fertile soil, allowing a wheat crop to be planted behind the plow.

29°21'21.4"S, 115°31'01.6"E

Source imagery: Francois Eksteen (@fransxten)

Radiating streets surround the Plaza Del Ejecutivo in the Venustiano Carranza district of Mexico City, Mexico. This district — which is home to more than 430,000 people — contains three of Mexico City’s large traditional markets, including La Merced, Mercado de Sonora, and Mercado Jamaica.

19°25'11.6"N, 99°05'16.9"W

Source imagery: DigitalGlobe

A freighter full of shipping containers docks in the Port of Tacoma, located in Washington State. Together, the Ports of Tacoma and Seattle make up the fourth-largest container gateway in North America. In 2016, cargo traffic through the ports totaled 3.6 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) weighing 28 million metric tons.

47°15'44.2"N, 122°23'22.4"W

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