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Creating ‘Reflections’ In Photoshop The Easy Way

You might find that The Christmas Baubles from our High Quality Christmas Icons and Christmas Vectors doesn’t come with the reflections as shown in our featured image, shown below.

This is to provide greater freedom for all users. Adding reflections and shadows are easy, but removing them is simply a waste of time.

Here, we’ve provided a short tute on adding reflections the easy way. In later tutorials, we’ll include masks and overlays, etc for advanced users. Continue Reading…

Weather Icons

Get inspired with these colorful weather icons in 256 x 256 pixels ;)


Social Icon Set ~ Eco-friendly

Be environmentally friendly and opt for these eco-style social icons.


Contemporary Mail Icons

A contemporary set of mail icons in 256 x 256 pixels

Free for both personal and commercial use. If you feature us on your site, we’d appreciate if you link back to us. Thanks.


Free Social Icons – Muffy

We’ve created a special set of Social Icons using our very own Muffy comic character. Feel free to download and use these icons for free. Available in 256 x 256 pixels.

Download here

Cute Twitter Icons ~ Chrome

A new range of twitter icons in 256 x 256 pixels. Liven up your website with one of these cute icons ;)

Download here

RSS Icons

A choice of 16 chic RSS icons to liven up any site.

Download here

Button-style Social Icons

A simple and clean set of social icons in 256 x 256 pixels.

Download here

A Set of 15 TV Icons

Fresh off my desk is a set of 15 TV icons, which I’ve made available in 256 x 256 pixels. Hope you like them, and if you’d like any particular icon in a different color, feel free to email me your request.

Download TV Icons here

Shopping Icons ~ Brand new set!

Hi, we’re back again with more shopping icons to add to your previous collection.

Download here

Brand New Social Icons ~ Teacups

A cup of tea, anyone? 6 social icons that look simply delicious!

Download here

Free Computer & Mobile Icons

A set of 9 game and mobile icons in 256 x 256 pixels

Download here
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